This work dissects the construction of appearance through contemporary Western beautification rituals. On a surface level, the human body is wrought with perceived imperfection. Teeth yellowing, unwanted hair sprouting, skin reacting, stenches emitting – all are maintained with tools for improvement that allow us to express the values we hold for our aesthetic culture and ourselves.
Individuals’ cosmetic collections are arranged and photographed in a mandala pattern to echo the personal meditation that occurs whenever we confront our reflection in a mirror. Assumptions can be made about the manner in which and to what extent the subjects construct their appearance, as well as which features they feel inclined to accentuate or disguise.
Makeup removal wipes gathered and gridded on the walls embody individuals engaging in cyclical and collective transformation. Remaining faceless, my subjects are represented only by the residue they leave behind, where stains are indicative of respective choices. Ultimately, through this work I argue not for or against cosmetic use, but in favor of unique aesthetic ownership.

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